Gojko Stanič

ISBN 978-961-6925-18-1 (pdf)

How to get fresh healthy vegetables every day of the year

The book is a detailed explanation with pictures on how to create a sustainable garden on the building’s roof, which offers fresh fruits and vegetables all year round.
The roof garden started as an experiment and has been developing since 1994. The author studied different literatures and practices thoroughly, and he (also with “trial and error”) managed to find the best and the most successful way to cultivate fresh, healthy, organic vegetables and fruits in a cost-efficient and sustainable way. He developed and perfected the idea of the self-sufficiency of the families with own fresh sustainable or BIO vegetables and fruits in the multi-storey houses in urban settlements.
What he achieved:
- he created a 20 m2 vegetable garden on the flat roof above the living room, an additional garden on the terrace and on the walls of the building,
- his potato is growing on the roof in the middle of May,
- he picks the head lettuce already in March,
- against the walls he has planted the apricot trees, pear trees, kiwi and grapes,
- from the beginning of June and until December he picks different sorts of fruits and berries in the small garden around the house,
- for the gardening he uses the minimum electrical energy and gas,
- all the vegetables and fruits are produced in the sustainable, organic way with no artificial fertilizers.