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Dawn and dusk



  ISBN 978-961-6925-26-6 (pdf)









The story begins at the big Ravenheart mansion, where; together with her family; lives a seventeen year old red-haired girl named Eleni Ravenheart. However, Eleni isn't an ordinary girl. In fact, she is not an ordinary human by a long way, as the great Ravenheart family consists of a black-winged mixed race of angels and demons, which, aside from four other great families of angels and demons, help people maintain peace on their planet.

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The merman and the Poppy sprite

ISBN 978-961-6925-23-5


Jana Stržinar's fairytale is written with a clear goal: she would like to tell the children that the world’s future is in their hands. The author does not hide the educational value of her story, but rather tries to explain it in way which is understandable to children: the questions of ecology are not just the questions of material pollution, but rather the ethical relationship towards each and every being and thing. This relationship includes – lest we forget – imagination and daydreaming, those human notions, without which we would lose our depth.


The foundation of the book’s poetics is a deep-rooted belief in the holy nature of the world, where every living thing has its own place and meaning. Since it is more and more obvious that the human will not be redeem from his or her nihilistic handling of the world with the development of the technology, the ecological motivation of the author’s fairytale heroes are even more important. Therefore I recommend the picture book to all, who would return some of the rainbow hope to our heavens and earth.




Milan Dekleva


Sneaky: Tales of the Yellow Kitty

Sneaky: Tales of the Yellow Kitty

Niko Bergles


ISBN 978-961-6925-22-8

Sneaky is a spoiled fat kitty and fancies himself the king of the house. He likes to play, destroy things in the apartment and manipulate his owner. His life was almost perfect until the day the owner decides to get a pet dog. Sneaky gets jealous, angry and tries to get rid of the new rival. How will he deal with the new situation?

The illustrations are colourful, funny and complement the humorous story for children and adult children. The book conveys a good lesson and in the end it even has a mini maze game.


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