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The story begins at the big Ravenheart mansion, where; together with her family; lives a seventeen year old red-haired girl named Eleni Ravenheart. However, Eleni isn't an ordinary girl. In fact, she is not an ordinary human by a long way, as the great Ravenheart family consists of a black-winged mixed race of angels and demons, which, aside from four other great families of angels and demons, help people maintain peace on their planet.

But, despite the fact that Eleni comes from a rich aristocratic family and is, at the same time, also the great Ravenheart family's future leader-to-be, her life isn't exactly easy, as she in fact still doesn't know how to use her powers, nor has she ever been able to summon her wings. And to make matters even worse, weird things begin to happen to her after she enrolls in the prestigious Royal Academy, many of which are connected to her long forgotten past – which Eleni couldn't possibly imagine was like, even in her wildest dreams.
And nevertheless, there, at the academy, she also has to face a member of the great family of white-winged angels, named Skysong, a sworn enemy of the great Ravenheart family, which was also brought about by the recent war that had erupted between these two families a few years previously. The war had lasted for a good seven years and nearly ended up erasing the great Ravenheart family from the face of the planet.
However, that annoying Skysong would not be her only worry by a long way, as conflicts between the Ravenhearts and the Skysongs will begin escelating once more. Will Eleni be able to calm the tensions between them in time, or is another war totally inevitable?